Wisconsin Lawmakers Are Taking A Radical Step In Their Fight Against Obamacare

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Nine Wisconsin state legislators have vowed to support a bill to arrest any federal officials caught implementing Obamacare in the state.Wisconsin, a crucial swing state in this year’s election that ultimately went to President Barack Obama, has been plagued by political controversy ever since its recall election.

But state legislators seem to be kicking it up a notch with their most recent pledge.

“Just because Obama was re-elected does not mean he’s above the constitution,” Rep. Chris Kapenga, who has vowed to support the controversial legislation in the upcoming session, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel earlier this week.

He’s joined by eight other Republican state lawmakers supporting the measure.

“I’m certainly not for Obamacare, and if there’s any way we could stop that in the state of Wisconsin, I’d be up for that,” Tom Larson, another legislator supporting the measure, told the Sentinel.

But Larson said he doesn’t really think it’s possible to actually arrest federal officials.

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