Wisconsin Judge Strikes Down Anti-Union Law

wisconsin protests

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A Wisconsin judge struck down the state’s controversial new law that sharply limits collective bargaining rights for public workers today, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports.The Dane County judge ruled that Republican lawmakers had violated Wisconsin’s open meetings law during their hasty passage of the bill on March 9. The law requires lawmakers to conduct sessions in public and provide at least 24 hours notice before a vote.

The same judge had previously issued an injunction to stop Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) from implementing the law. State officials have so far complied with the order.

The battle isn’t over yet, though. The Wisconsin Supreme Court will hear arguments for June 6 to determine whether it will hear the same case. Conservative Supreme Court Justice David Prosser’s narrow re-election victorycertified Tuesday after a recount – virtually ensures that the high court will hear the collective bargaining case.

If the Supreme Court agrees with the Dane County judge, Republicans said they will consider passing the law again. They would have to do it fast though; the first state Senate recall elections are expected to take place July 12.