Wired.com's San Francisco Office Broken Into

Someone broke into Wired.com’s San Francisco office early this morning, according to a leaked memo:

Hi Gang – We were broken into early this morning. If you need particulars, please see me in person. A few things to note: We will have a guard posted on the 3rd floor between the hours of 11PM – 7AM tonight and Friday night. For anyone coming & going during this time, please be prepared to show identification & business card. The guard will be from Steele Foundation and is being arranged through our Security Investigations Group at 4 Times Square. Whenever you are working late or over the weekend, you should always keep a business card at hand. If there is ever alarm activity and security is dispatched, they will ask to see your business card. As of tonight and moving forward, Wired alarms and cameras will be monitored 24/7 by security in NY. Please, please take the time to make sure every door you access closes properly behind you. I’m not very good at it myself, but I’m trying to make it a habit. Regards, c. (mobile: [redacted])

Wired.com went through layoffs earlier this week. Maybe it’s been victimized by a disgruntled former employee?

Update: An earlier version of this story reported Wired magazine’s offices were broken into. Not the case, says Chris Anderson.

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