Wired Hooks Up With Apple's iPad By Summer

Wired Editor Chris Anderson

Wired magazine will be on the Apple iPad by summer, according to editor-in-chief Chris Anderson.

“We think this is a game changer,” Anderson told the crowd at the TED conference on Friday, Wired’s epicentre blog reports.

As we learned earlier this year, Wired has been working with Adobe to build the next revolution in magazine content. Creative director Scott Dadich partnered with Adobe’s Jeremy Clark for the last six months.

Wired used their March magazine content to demonstrate the application at the TED conference–and it looks very similar to mobile content they have debuted in the past. According to Wired‘s own description, “the device allows for integrated media so readers can read a product review and touch a photo to jump into a video of the product. Advertisements can also be interactive. Clark touched a Camaro ad to flip the car around 360 degrees.”

Apple plans to send out the first iPads by the end of March.

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