Colin Farrell's Romantic Movie 'Winter's Tale' Bombs -- Here's Your Box-Office Roundup

Winter's tale colin farrellCourtesy Warner Bros.Women opted for Kevin Hart over Colin Farrell this weekend.

No one wanted to go out and see Colin Farrell’s Valentine’s Day flick “Winter’s Tale.

The Warner Bros.’ picture flopped over President’s Day weekend bringing in $US8.1 million.

The film was estimated to cost $US60 million to produce.

In comparison, both of Kevin Hart’s releases — “Ride Along” and “About Last Night” — made more than $US10 million for the 4-day weekend and one of them has been in theatres for five weeks.

“Winter’s Tale” follows a trend of Farrell films that don’t perform well when he’s the lead. Granted, it was difficult to believe Farrell, who’s 37, to play a 21-year-old in this film, but romance movies and action flicks like “Dead Man Down” and “Total Recall“* haven’t performed well for the star.

On the flip side, quirky cult films like “Seven Psychopaths” and “In Bruges” are his strong suit, despite not receiving wide acclaim. You can’t write the star off completely since he has been in recent hits including “Horrible Bosses” and “Saving Mr. Banks.”

Here are this week’s winners and losers at the box office:

10. Zac Efron’s “That Awkward Moment” rounds out the top 10 in week three with $US3.9 million. The Focus Features comedy has made a total of $US21.9 million.

9. “Lone Survivor” is still going strong after two months in theatres adding another $US4.7 million to its $US119 million haul.

8. Here’s how much power Disney’s “Frozen” still has at theatres. The animated flick nearly beat out Colin Farrell’s Valentine’s Day flick in its 13th week with $US8 million. “Frozen” is on its way to $US1 billion worldwide with more than $US957 million.

7. Colin Farrell’s “Winter’s Tale” made a disappointing $US8.1 million opening weekend.

6. Kevin Hart’s “Ride Along” actually saw a bump from last week with $US10 million. The $US25 million Universal movie has made $US120.9 million worldwide.

5. Teen romance “Endless Love” brought in $US15 million opening weekend. The ’80s remake starring Alex Pettyfer (“Magic Mike”) cost an estimated $US20 million.

4. Sony’s “The Monuments Men” more than doubled earnings for “Winter’s Tale” with $US18 million in week two. George Clooney’s World War II movie has made $US55 million worldwide.

3. The “RoboCop” remake bowed to Kevin Hart with $US25.6 million. That figure fell in line — and above most tracking estimates for the Sony film. The studio will make most of its money overseas on this film. “RoboCop” has already made $US69 million abroad.

2. It’s pretty tough to deny that Kevin Hart is box-office gold now. His latest comedy “About Last Night” brought in a big $US28.9 million over the four-day weekend.

1. The big winner for the weekend was “The LEGO Movie.” While that wasn’t a surprise, the movie made an astronomical $US63.5 million in week two. That’s only an 8% drop from its opening weekend. The Lego film will cross the $US200 million mark this week.

*Note: While “Total Recall” wasn’t a box-office hit domestically, it performed better overseas.

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