Winter Storm Selene is coming -- here's where it will probably strike

The first week of spring is here, but don’t break out your shorts yet — there’s a storm coming.

According to The Weather Channel, Winter Storm Selene is gathering up strength in the Rockies, and it’s set to track eastward over the next week. The Midwest, New England, and New York state are all predicted to be affected.

Already, the storm is dumping snow in the Rockies, with over a foot expected in Utah, Montana, Wyoming, and Wisconsin over the next few days. In the graphic below, you can see Storm Selene over the Rockies. Black arrows show the storm’s expected path eastward throughout the week:

Meteorologists expect Selene to dump a mixture of snow and rain over the Midwest by Wednesday, and it’s possible that upstate New York and New England will be affected as early as Wednesday night.

On Thursday morning, forecasters are expecting a wintry mix over New York state and northern New England continuing through Friday, with up to six inches of accumulation possible.

While the storm should dissipate by the time it hits the east, it’s possible that northern Maine will still receive a foot of snow by Friday.

Here’s the Weather Channel’s Thursday forecast:

Winter Storm SeleneThe Weather ChannelA wintry mix is expected for most of upstate New York, Pennsylvania, and northern New England.

As the storm continues, meteorologists should be able to predict with more certainty where snowfall will occur.

In the meantime, don’t put away your shovels just yet.

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