5 menswear trends that are going to spread like wildfire this winter

Apple MusicApple MusicDrake obviously got the memo on ribbed sweaters.

The move toward heritage-inspired pieces marches on this winter — but with a twist.

Bomber jackets, ribbed pullovers, and graphic sweaters are a few of the winter trends that are going to be popping up everywhere once the mercury plummets.

To make your winter wardrobe shopping easier, here are the five things you should have in your closet to be on-trend for the cold-weather months

Graphic sweaters will be all over the place.

Mr. Porter

If you thought designers couldn't do anything new with winter sweaters, how wrong you were. This year's sweater designs are going far beyond stripes and Fair Isle patterning. Get ready for geometric shapes and colour-blocking.

Some are more subtle, like the geometric pattern above by Christopher Kane. Others, like a $US520 wool sweater by Neil Barrett with lightning bolts splashed across the front, take the graphic trend and run (far) with it.

Rollneck sweaters will no longer be considered goofy.

Mr. Porter

Basically a re-branded turtleneck, the rollneck sweater is on a major upswing this season. Long derided as an awkward piece for a man to wear, it's now certifiably trendy. Evidence of this can be seen in Drake's new music video for 'Hotline Bling.'

You'll mostly see this sweater in its classic fisherman style: thick, chunky, and ribbed, such as the above wool sweater by Gant. It's a great way to channel your inner Hemmingway. Just don't call it a turtleneck.

Military-inspired pieces are especially strong this year.

Mr. Porter

Coming as a surprise to many, the bomber jackets that were so common last year have returned for winter 2015. The latest styles are more authentic, with shearing collars, patches, and military-inspired colours, like the one above.

The jacket's effortlessly cool vibe has transcended last year's flash-in-the-pan trend status. We predict this winter layering piece will stick around for winters to come.

Olive is the 'It' colour for winter.

Mr. Porter

Yes, a colour can be a trend. And this year that colour -- piggybacking on the militar trend -- is olive.

Above, a classic Oxford shirt by Acne Studios sports a colour one might call 'olive drab,' and you definitely need it in your closet. The olive-coloured chinos that were so common last year are also set to make a roaring comeback.

Other staid, muted hues will trend this winter, but olive is the breakout star.

The athleisure trend is STILL going strong.

Mr. Porter

Finally, athleisure is stronger than ever. The trend that started with women's yoga pants has spread to men's sweatpants and reached new heights.

Expect to see plenty of sweatpants -- like the Nike model above -- this winter. You'll also see 'winterized' sneakers and other sporty gear.

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