It Only Took 4 Guys And A Few Months To Hack Together A Social Version Of Siri

Aaron Ting and his team of three spent the past few months hacking together a speech-enabled assistant for the iPhone called Winston.

We prefer Winston to Siri for a few reasons. For starters, it has a British accent, and it can be programmed to either be a man or a woman’s voice.

It can also be programmed to tell you news that’s relevant to your life. You can enter your favourite websites and Winston will read you story summaries on the go. It can also access your Facebook account and tell you news from friends. It also reads the local time and weather to you on command.

It’s not as smart as Siri and right now you can’t ask Winston questions. But it’s much more polite and it’s a more personalised experience.


Produced by Daniel Goodman

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