If You Hate Reading, Winston's iPhone App Is The Perfect Way To Stay On Top Of The News

WINSTON iphone app

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Information overload is a huge problem.The Internet gives us access to mountains of information and sifting through all of it can be daunting at times.

That’s why when we heard about personal assistant app Winston’s huge update, we were excited to try it out.

Winston is an app that uses artificial intelligence to speak aloud your Twitter stream and news from selected categories like tech, entertainment, or finance.

A lot of people compared Winston to Apple’s Siri personal assistant, but it’s best to think of the app as a way to keep up with the latest news and social updates. You can’t use Winston to set reminders, make calendar appointments, dictate text messages, etc.

It’s simply a clever way to get your news in a quick digestible format.

You can download Winston for free on iPhone.

Once the app has downloaded, tap to open.

You're greeted by this galaxy background.

It's important to make sure you have headphones plugged in or your phone's volume is turned up.

Once volume is confirmed tap the blue continue button.

Winston will begin downloading necessary information as it introduces itself to you.

As with most news apps, you start out by selecting categories that interest you.

Winston wants your location too so it can provide you with locals news and information.

Once this message pops up you'll know your download is complete. Swipe to continue.

One last confirmation...

Besides reading news, Winston can also connect to your social networks so it can read your friends' status updates and tweets. We tapped the Twitter icon first.

Since we're already signed into Twitter on our iPhone, the app just wants to access our account.

It takes a moment for everything to load up. All of our interests show up in this tile format.

This is a tweet Winston read aloud to us. The app really makes it easy to multitask and still stay up on information you care about.

Once one item is finished being read, the app moves onto the next thing.

Controls at the top of the screen make it easy to pause or go back.

If you spot something you think a friend would like, sharing is baked into the app.

Winston needs a second to refocus when you pick a new category.

Winston even can provide users with the weather. A nice touch.

If you scroll to the bottom of the main screen, it's easy to add more channels. Tapping the gear icon will take you to the settings.

The settings menu makes it easy to manage accounts and newscast options.

We also like how you can download information for offline listening. This is perfect for train rides with no service.

Winston also supports Apple's AirPlay feature. That means you can beam the audio from your iPhone to your Apple TV.

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