Winona Ryder's dramatic expressions at the SAG awards were the best part of the show

The INSIDER Summary:

• On January 29, “Stranger Things” won a SAG award and David Harbour (Chief Hopper) gave a fiery speech on behalf of the cast.

• As he spoke, Winona Ryder stood next to him and reacted with a huge range of confused facial expressions.

• Her erratic response quickly became the best meme of the 2017 SAG Awards.


The 2017 SAG Awards were filled with political acceptance speeches and memorable red carpet looks, but actress Winona Ryder stole the show when she made a series of very GIF-able facial expressions when “Stranger Things” won the award for outstanding performance in an ensemble in a drama series, David Harbour (Chief Jim Hopper) gave a rousing speech about standing up to bullies

As Harbour began speaking, and his message became increasingly passionate and slightly political, Ryder seemed both taken aback and enthused. 

Here’s just a taste of her response to his words:

As GIFs and screenshots of Ryder began popping up on Twitter, it was clear that Ryder was the most entertaining part of the show.

Watch the full video of Harbour’s speech (and Ryder’s reactions) below:

Some people believed Ryder’s expressions were a perfect summation of 2017 so far.

Emily Nussbaum, TV critic for the New Yorker, expressed a desire to see Ryder’s real-time reactions to President Trump.

While others wanted to make sure she was doing all right up there.

Many people simply wanted a dose of whatever Ryder might be taking.

Actresses Melanie Lynskey and Sarah Hyland gave Ryder props on Twitter, while others were in awe of her extreme range of emotions.

We’re also hoping for a Winona Ryder emoji keyboard.

The man who started it all — David Harbour — tweeted a selfie later in the night and said “the Winona memes are epic.”

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