And The Winner Of Business Insider's Caption Contest Is ...

three little pigs caption

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Last week, we put out a call to Business Insider readers to submit their wittiest captions for this ad for the Só Ação Solidarity Movement’s book donation program, which features three homeless little pigs. Vying for a $50 prize from and the honour of being dubbed BI’s wittiest reader, you sent in captions by the truckload—some funny, others fails.

The interesting thing about this week’s batch of submissions is that you could really tell which BI verticals the participants frequent: Clusterstock readers were heavy on Goldman Sachs DFE George Smith, and SAI fans threw in SXSW references to one ad agency’s plan to turn homeless people into internet hotspots, Politics people were all over Limbaugh, and Ad readers decided that these pigs could give the Kia hamsters a run for their money.

After going through the slop, we have found a winner.

Think you could do better? Check back on Sunday for next week’s contest!

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Peter Kaufman

SECOND PLACE: I hear Fannie Mae huffed and puffed and repo-ed the wolf's house too...

Dan Graham

THIRD PLACE: Anyone else smell bacon?

Bryan Ziegler, Bank of America

HONORABLE MENTION: Does this count as a wireless hotspot?

Ida Gamban

HONORABLE MENTION: I say we bump off the hamsters and become the new Kia spokesmen!

Now check out last week's winners.

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