Why the Winklevoss brothers credit their success to being twins

Winklevoss twins tyler cameron bitcoin moet champagneMike Coppola/Getty ImagesThe Winklevii explain how they put the ‘win’ in ‘twin.’

Twins Tyler and CameronWinklevoss, who run investment firm Winklevoss Capital, have been up to a lot since their days sparring with Mark Zuckerberg over Facebook.

Cameron cofounded nightlife and parties blog Guest of a Guest with Rachelle Hruska in 2008, and the two Olympic-rowers-turned-tech-entrepreneurs launched bitcoin financial index Winkdex last year. Most recently, they launched
a secure Bitcoin exchange called “Gemini.”

Their success is due in large part to their intimate bond as twins, according to a recent AMA they did with Reddit.

“The fact that we’re twins and best friends has been a huge asset,” Tyler says. “We’ve definitely always used it to our advantage.”

While getting along all the time isn’t easy for any partner, he says, the brothers have managed to remain a team through their business ventures and rowing careers with Harvard, Oxford, and the US Olympic team thanks to their unique twin bond.

“One of the things that’s helped is that even though on paper and on first glance we might look and appear like the same person, we have much different personalities, and given the fact that I’m left handed and he’s right handed, we generally approach problems and different things from different angles,” Cameron explains.

Cameron says this helps the brothers have a healthy discourse back and forth, rather than agree with each other all the time.

“We actually have constant dialogue and different opinions,” he explains, which helps keep the work and relationship exciting.

“Trusting your partners is something that’s super important, and we have that built in because we’re twins,” Tyler says. “If I do something wrong to him, then it’s pretty much like doing it to myself.”

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