China Holds The World's Most Exclusive And Insane Sporting Event, The Wingsuit Flying Championships

wingsuit flying world championships

Photo: CCTV

The first ever Wingsuit Flying World Championships were held in Hunan Province, China this week.In what’s considered the most extreme sport in the world, flyers jump off a mountain and try to reach the finish line the fastest.

Only 20 humans on Earth are qualified for the event, and the insane images over the next few pages will give you a solid idea why.

The flyers jump from nearly a mile up, on the top of Tianmen Mountain in China

This is a wingsuit. It lets humans glide like flying squirrels

The flyer goes spread eagle in mid air, and the fabric of the suit increases his surface area so he can control his speed and trajectory

Here's the platform. Red Bull, the same week they sponsored Felix Baumgartner's space jump, sponsored the event

Only 20 people in the world were even qualified to enter the event. Only 8 made it to the final day

Once they take the plunge, the objective is simple...

You fly down the mountain and around the valley below, and try to get the finish line in the shortest time possible

Part of the course involved gliding under a gondola, which doesn't seem safe

One flyer wore a camera on his head to give us a first-hand look

At first, you go straight down the mountain, and you can't tell which way is up

But once they straight out, they are able to eye the mountain road where they're supposed to land

The course takes ~25 seconds to complete. This year's winner finished in 23.41 seconds

Once they hit the finish line, they violently deploy a parachute that whips them backwards

Eventually they gain control, and wiggle their legs free so they can land. They also have a smoke bomb on their foot to track them

They actually spend longer gliding to the landing spot than they do flying with their wingsuits

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