Windows Phone Grabs Nearly 10 Per Cent Of Sales In The Largest European Markets

Smartphones running the Windows Phone operating system now account for a 9% share of phone sales in the five largest European economies: Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy and Spain.

That’s up from a 5% share a year ago.

Here are our other main takeaways from Kantar’s numbers for smartphone sales in the three months through August 2013, released earlier this week:

  • Windows Phones reached a double-digit share of smartphone sales for the first time in Great Britain (12%), France (11%), and Italy (10%).
  • Android continues to capture a significant majority of sales share in all countries except Japan.
  • iOS gained five percentage points year-over-year in China, and now accounts for 39% of sales there.
  • In fact, iOS made gains year-over-year in every country except two: Germany and Italy (it lost one percentage point in both countries). We expect iOS to continue gaining sales share through the end of the year, due to the Sept. 20 launch of the iPhone 5S and 5C, which were not included in this data.

In the chart below, we compared Kantar’s most recent data to the numbers for the same period a year ago.

What accounts for the surge in Windows Phone’s popularity? One explanation could be the popularity of Nokia’s affordable Lumia 520 and 620 models with teenagers and middle-aged adults, according to Kantar.

Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia suggests the company intends to double-down on the smartphone market as a combination software-hardware player. Kantar’s numbers show that because of Nokia’s strong brand, these efforts shouldn’t yet be discounted.

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