Holy Cow, Microsoft Really Is About To Make A Massive Blunder With The Windows Phone

windows phone 7 home screen

Photo: Steve Kovach, Business Insider

All the confusion about whether or not current Windows Phones would get the next major version of the Windows Phone operating system started when a well-respected developer said the update was coming. The developer, Nuno Silva, has now retracted that statement on his blog.

The Verge picked up Silva’s statement.

In his blog post, Silva claims he meant to say Windows Phone 7 apps would work on the upcoming Windows Phone 8 software. He says he misspoke when he said the current line of Windows Phone 7 devices would get the OS update to Windows Phone 8.

This is the same statement Microsoft gave us when we asked if the current line of Windows Phones, including the Nokia Lumia 900, would get the upgrade to Windows Phone 8.

Meanwhile, The Verge is standing by its report that current Windows Phones will not get the update. Microsoft would not deny The Verge’s story when we asked if it was true.

If The Verge is correct — and we have every reason now to believe it is — then current Windows Phone users will be left out when Windows Phone 8 launches this fall. It’s even worse for those who just bought the flagship Lumia 900, since the phone will be outdated within just a few months of its launch.

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