Windows Phone’s Stellar “Mango” Update Will Launch On September 1

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The next version of Windows Phone, called “Mango,” will be released September 1, according to Pocket Lint.

UPDATE: Windows Phone boss Joe Belfior just tweeted: “Sept 1? Just a rumour.”

Microsoft had previously touted a “Fall” release window for the new operating system, which includes some attractive new features like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook integration.

Nokia’s beautiful Windows Phone won’t launch alongside Mango, but phones from Samsung, LG, Acer, ZTE will.

The release date is meant to coincide with Berlin’s IFA consumer electronics show.

There’s no word yet as to if and when each Windows Phone that is currently available will receive the update.

According to data released today by Gartner, Windows Phone has a very long way to go to make any kind of dent in the smartphone market.

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