Everything You Need To Know About Windows Phone 7

steve ballmer
Steve Ballmer greets Ralph De La Vega of AT&T

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Microsoft launched Windows Phone 7, it’s revamped mobile operating system, today. We had wall to wall coverage of the event.In case you missed anything, here’s the complete hit list:

  • Here’s what Microsoft can do to make sure it’s not a flop.
  • We liked our first hands-on with Windows Phone 7.
  • Here’s a complete guide to all WP7 handsets that coming.
  • Microsoft’s ads for WP7 are clever, but confusing.
  • Microsoft’s new handsets could lead to it selling more mobile services.
  • We tried to yell questions at Steve Ballmer. He was annoyed.
  • Developers should dive into the Windows Phone platform to grab a first mover’s advantage.
  • Here’s all the most important apps available for WP7 at launch.
  • A video of Xbox on the Windows Phone.
  • Our live blog of the launch event.