Stop Waiting For Copy And Paste On Windows Phone 7 And Get It Now

windows phone 7

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The first Windows Phone 7 update, called NoDo, is slowly rolling out to Windows Phone 7 devices.”Slowly” being the operative word.

The biggest feature Windows Phone owners are dying for is copy and paste. And while Android and iOS has had that feature for years, it has been a gruelling wait for Windows Phone.

If you’re getting impatient, there is a way to force install the NoDo update early, but be warned that it’s a bit risky. Only take this on if you’re pretty tech-savvy.

The method comes from My Coding Adventures. They got the update from a support tool Microsoft released to developers. MCA has two little apps you can download that will walk you through the process of updating, no matter which Windows Phone 7 model you’re using.

If you want to try forcing the NoDo update, head over to MCA’s blog and download the files they have linked there.

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