Here's A Crazy Stat: Most Windows 8 Users Rarely Use Any Windows 8 Apps

windows 8 launch event and presentation

For all the grief the tech industry has given Microsoft about its lack of Windows 8 apps (yours truly included), here’s a funny thing: Most Windows 8 users aren’t even using so-called “Metro-style” Windows 8 apps.

That means they are mostly using Windows 7 apps via the Windows 7 “desktop” mode, according to new research from Soluto, a startup that helps people remotely manage Windows devices. 

Soluto looked at the activities on 10,848 Windows 8 machines and discovered that about 60% of them don’t even open one Windows 8 app per day. Those who have a Windows 8 tablet, versus those with Windows 8 on a laptop or PC, use Metro apps more frequently. But some 44% still don’t use a Windows 8 app every day.

This validates the advice we’ve previously offered, that there’s little point in upgrading an existing, non-touch Windows 7 PC to Windows 8.

Soluto came to much the same conclusion, saying there’s “no rush” to upgrade. “Wait and see what ‘Windows Blue’ has in store for us before you upgrade,” it advises. A public beta of Windows Blue, now officially called Windows 8.1, will be available in June.

Here’s the chart on how often Windows 8 users open a Windows 8 app.

Soluto Windows 8 daily app usage

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