We Just Got To See Microsoft's Big Windows 8 Tablet Gamble -- Now You Can Too

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Windows fully unleashed Windows 8 today, showing off the latest features to developers at its annual Build conference in Anaheim, California.(For all the updates from the event, check out our live blog.)

While Windows 8 will run just fine and dandy on a desktop PC, it’s the “Metro” tablet interface everyone is excited about.

While it’s too early to judge, we are glad that Microsoft took the bold step and tried something completely new. This isn’t an iOS or Android clone.

This is unique.

We watched the full demo and picked the best stuff in Windows 8 right here.

Here's the lock screen. It provides real time info such as the time, weather, new e-mails, etc.

If you have your tablet password protected, you can program a series of gestures to unlock it. In today's demo we saw Microsoft touch certain points in this photo to unlock the tablet. Pretty cool!

You can also move tiles around by tapping and dragging

You can also zoom out and see each pane of apps

When reading a story from Headlines you get this slick Flipboard-like design.

Here's a word match game Microsoft showed off today. But wait, what if we want to keep up with our RSS feed at the same time?

This is Socialite's News Feed. You can view Facebook updates here

Here's a look at the Music player. Pretty standard

Now let's watch a video. But what if we still want to know what our friends are up to?

The search function searches EVERYTHING, not just the web. Here you can see the app search.

...and file search...

...and even your social networks like Twitter

You can manually browse through files as you would on a desktop PC

...and Bing search is built in too!

This is not the Control Panel you're used to. From here you can change your background, personal information, privacy settings, you name it

Here's the new Internet Explorer. Those tiles are favourite websites and bookmarks

See something cool on a site you want to share? Here's what you do...

The Share Charm lets you share content without even leaving Explorer!

Pick your friend, type a message, and you're off!

What else do we know about Windows 8?

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