Windows 8 Store Hits The 100,000 App Milestone

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There are now 100,000 apps in the Windows store, Microsoft tweeted today.

Microsoft should be proud that its Windows 8 app selection is growing at a faster rate than its competitors did.

It hit 100,000 apps in a mere seven months. It’s own Windows Phone Store, took about 18 months to hit the 100K milestone, while the Apple App Store needed about 14 months for 100,000 iPad apps and Android took 18 months, notes The Verge’s Tom Warren.

On the other hand, Microsoft is a giant software developer with a massive developer ecosystem. So you could also argue that it should be gaining Windows 8 apps at a very fast clip.

More apps that people want are finding their way to Windows 8, too, including restaurant app OpenTable and music streaming app Rhapsody. And more developers are committing to write Windows 8 apps, most recently Facebook, Flipboard, Foursquare.

But the app store is almost more famous for the apps it’s missing. Microsoft has yet to release a version of its own Microsoft Office suite designed with the new Windows 8 “modern” interface that’s designed for touchscreen tablets and computers. Microsoft previewed alpha versions of a Modern Office PowerPoint app, but didn’t say when it will be released.

Even so, Windows 8 is starting to grow up. We’ll see if the newest version of Windows 8.1, released as a preview version for people who want to test it last week, plus the bigger selection of apps can make people love Windows 8.

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