Windows 8 Peaked In Early December And Then Went Flat

Microsoft’s Window 8 peaked in early December, and then went flat according to data from ad network Chitika.

Chitika analysed “a sample of hundreds of millions of Windows impressions” in the U.S. and Canada from October 15 to December 13 to see Windows 8 share of the overall Windows market.

As you can see, it climbed to almost 2.5 per cent before falling back to 2.3 per cent.

Win 8 graph

[credit provider=”Chitika” url=””]

It’s tough to make a declarative statement about Windows 8 one way or another based on this chart.

We need to see what happens after Christmas, which will be when people (hopefully for Microsoft) get a lot of new PCs and Windows 8 devices.

This chart also lacks context. Where was Windows 7 at the same period in its lifecycle?

Chitika says Apple’s newest OS update, Mountain Lion hit 3.2 per cent of all OS X impressions after 48 hours. It’s sort of an apples to oranges comparison though, because Mountain Lion was a $20 upgrade, and Apple’s installed base is much smaller.

If you were to have a takeaway from the chart, though, it would be that things went flat a month after launch. That’s not a good sign. And if you roll it up with comments from big PC makers like Asus and Acer that demand for Windows 8 isn’t great, then there is reason for concern about Windows 8.