Here Are 8 Unannounced Features Coming To The Next Version Of Windows Phone

joe belfiore windows phone 8 demo

Photo: Screenshot

Microsoft is set to release Windows Phone 8, its new mobile operating system, this fall.The Verge got its hands on a Windows Phone 8 emulator, and they created a video to reveal cool features that went unannounced during the Windows Phone 8 product demo earlier this year.

We picked out the 8 most important new features coming to Windows Phone 8, but you can find a lot more on The Verge.

You can move the tiles around, and even shrink them

You can select which apps are allowed to send notifications to the lock screen

You have access to the NFC-based tap-and-send feature

With the settings backup feature, you can save your settings and web bookmarks to the cloud

The new Data Sense feature lets you track your data use and set limits, helping you avoid those nasty overage fees from carriers

There's a great theme picker that fills the entire OS with your favourite colour

The photo album got a revamp as well -- you can select multiple photos for favoriting, deleting, and sharing

There's some lightweight photo-editing functionality here as well for cropping and rotating

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