Microsoft Just Announced A Bunch Of Slick Windows 8 Accessories

windows 8

Photo: Windows Team Blog

Windows 8 launches on October 26, and Microsoft has announced new accessories optimised to work with the operating system.The Windows Team Blog has the breakdown on each device.

Check out the Wedge Mobile Keyboard

It has a super-slim profile

This stand on the back keeps it propped up at an angle

Hitting the Windows key brings you back to the Windows 8 home screen

It comes with a handy cover to keep it protected

This will help keep it safe from dings and scratches

It clamps on to the keyboard at the sides

When you clamp it on, it automatically turns the keyboard off

The cover also folds in half, which is perfect for...

...propping up your tablet. The keyboard will sell for $80.

Check out the Wedge Touch Mouse

It's fantastically tiny

And it also works via Bluetooth -- there's no USB connectivity here. This mouse will go for $70.

Here's its big brother, the Sculpt Touch Mouse

It has a four-way touch strip for scrolling and other navigation. It'll go for $50.

And here's the Microsoft Touch Mouse, updated for multitouch support in Windows 8

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