Windows 7 Selling Like Hotcakes: Now On 1 In 10 Of The World's PCs

steve ballmer microsoft ces AP image

The latest version of Microsoft’s Windows desktop operating system, Windows 7, is already on 10% of PCs, reports. That’s extremely impressive for a version which was only released six months ago.

Windows revenue is up 28% YTD for Microsoft and Windows 7 continues to grow.

When Microsoft is in the news, it’s mostly for its lateness, money-losing or growing irrelevancy in hot markets like the internet and mobile, but it’s important to remember that Microsoft’s actual business — making and selling PC software — is not just huge, but that they are really, really good at it.

Microsoft is still a company that’s extremely good at churning out great products and selling them, and this is why they’re not to be discounted when they enter a new market.

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