Windows 7 Review Consensus: It's A Faster Vista (MSFT)

Microsoft (MSFT) made Windows 7 Beta publically available a few days ago, and already eager geeks are downloading the software, playing with it a little, and putting their reviews up on the Internet.

What’s notable about these early reviews is how unanimous they are in their opinion of Microsoft’s new OS: Windows 7 is essentially a faster Vista, the Vista that should have been.

  • Vastly better than I expected on a few important fronts. The biggest front proved to be the speed front… Visually it feels like a Vista release.
  • Windows 7 is a faster Vista… Very fast on our test system.
  • The whole feel of Windows 7, is more of a Service Pack upgrade, rather than a new OS… The boot up process is faster than Vista and the installation of software is also quicker.
  • A very dependable version of Windows, with no real surprises, good or bad.
  • Windows 7 for the most part feels like Vista Second Edition or as a friends said, “what Vista should have been when it was released.”
  • Vista foundation hasn’t gone away—if you couldn’t stand Vista’s UI (whether it’s because you didn’t like Explorer, Aero, Control Panel, UAC, or anything else), Windows 7 is unlikely to do much to help, as it builds on the same UI. If Vista’s hardware demands were too steep, Windows 7 will likely cause you the same grief, as its hardware demands match. And if Vista didn’t work with a program or device you need to use, Windows 7 will offer no salvation, as its compatibility is virtually identical.

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