Windows 10 will throttle background apps to save your laptop battery

Windows 10Microsoft/YouTubeA screenshot from an advert for Windows 10.

Microsoft has come up with a clever fix to help preserve your laptop battery — reducing power to apps that are running in the background.

The company shipped its latest preview build of Windows 10 on Tuesday, and this comes with a new power throttling feature. We first spotted the news via The Verge.

The feature will identify which apps you’re actually using, and then limit how much power is going to background applications.

Microsoft has been testing the feature for a couple of months, and said it can save up to 11% of battery life. People who test out the latest build should “see a nice boost in battery life,” the company said.

At the moment, power throttling is only available in the preview build. If you’re running Windows 10, you can probably expect a fully fledged version of this feature to appear in the next major update, expected later this year. It’s also only available for laptops running 6th-generation Intel Core processors and above, though Microsoft is expanding support “over the next few months.”

Microsoft has also brought back the power slider in the latest preview build, which lets you manage power quickly.

Apple introduced a similar feature called App Nap for its Mavericks operating system, which slows down apps which are being used in the background.

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