Window Washers Rescued After Trapped Outside The 68th Floor Of 1 World Trade Center

Window washer scaffolding

Two window washers were rescued after being trapped on a dangling scaffolding in downtown Manhattan, CBS New York reports.

The window-washing scaffolding is now hanging from the 1 World Trade Center skyscraper near the 68th floor.

The workers were secured in the scaffolding after a cable broke and it began to hang from the building.

CBS New York reports: “The washers were done cleaning the windows and were about to ascend to to the top of the tower when the cable that pulls the scaffold up became loose.”

The windows on 1 World Trade Center aren’t removable, so rescue workers had to cut through the glass on the building to free the workers, according to ABC7 New York.

New York fire department officials said the workers didn’t appear to be in “imminent danger” while they were waiting to be rescued, according to NBC 4 New York.

NBC New York reporter Melissa Russo laid out the rescue plan for the workers before they were freed: “The primary plan of attack will be to cut out a large pane of glass from a windows and they use a sort of suction machinery to bring the glass pane into the building. At that point from a nearby window they will run an additional line to the workers harness and rescuer’s will try to lift them into the side of the building.”

One World Trade Center is the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere.

Here’s where the window washers were in relation to the rest of the building:

Here’s the view from the 68th floor:

Here are some more photos:


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