The Newly Proposed 'Bluegrass Pipeline' Would Be Much Longer Than The Controversial Keystone XL

bluegrass pipeline

Photo: Williams Co.

Pipeline developer Williams Co. — a major gas supplier to New York City — has signed a letter of intent to construct a pipeline that would stretch from Pennsylvania to the Gulf of Mexico (via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette).It would be approximately 2,400 miles long — 70 per cent longer than the section of the Keystone XL pipeline still under consideration by the Obama Administration. (Techinically 60 per cent of the proposed Bluegrass pipeline is already in place.)

The structure would transport up to 400,000 barrels of natural gas liquids a day. Williams would partner with Boardwalk Pipeline Partners on the deal if it goes through.

The pipeline is badly needed to transport the natural gas gushing out of the Marcellus shale play in Pennsylvania to the Gulf, Williams CEO Alan Armstrong says.

“The current infrastructure challenge with natural gas liquids in the Northeast is slowing drilling and isolating liquids supplies from the robust markets in the Gulf that are poised to grow substantially over the next five years.”

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