William Shatner Reviewed Facebook's App For Celebrities And He's Not Impressed

Last week Facebook debuted a new app, Mentions, for celebrities and public figures to use to keep up with their followers.

Only those with verified pages can download the iPhone app,. No brands or regular Facebook users allowed. So for laypeople to get the story on Mentions, our best bet is through William Shatner, Marketing Land reports.

Shat took to his Tumblr to dissect the new app, captain’s log style. He compared Mentions to a similar app called Pages, which anyone can download, though it packs many of the features Mentions promises.

The verdict? “It seems to be ill conceived,” Shatner writes.

Comparing it with the Pages app across five categories, including the feed and posting ability, Shatner declared he liked “both” three times and “neither” twice. At the end of his post he wrote he plans on using Mentions, Pages, and the basic Facebook app in the future.

His post is packed with the humour we’ve come to expect from the actor. Before he starts his review process, Shat points out that new Mentions users are forced to follow another celebrity. He notes the first suggested celeb on his phone was his former “Star Trek” costar, fellow social media icon, and longtime feuding adversary George Takei. Shatner writes he rolled his eyes and went with a different star, Robert Downey Jr., who he then hid from his feed. The captain follows no one.

Shatner also gave some polite advice for other celebrities looking to try out Mentions. He writes, “If you have this app please turn off notifications because if you post something your phone spends the next hour sending you notifications of every person who makes a comment.”

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