Hollywood Annoyed About "YouTube Gold"

News broke last week that YouTube is doing a deal with Hollywood talent agency William Morris Agency to bring some of the agency’s clients onto the site in the form of more advertising-friendly videos.

But a source who deals with William Morris agents, and didn’t want to be named because it would hurt a working relationship, tells us at least some of those WMA agents aren’t happy about the upcoming program, which will be called YouTube Gold.

“Apparently a lot of agents clients who have been informed about it really don’t like it cause it’s just extra work for all of them,” says our source.

“YouTube wants them to make original content, not just throw up music vids etc. And since the vids are recorded there’s an expectation of production.”

Our source says; “I just know it’s really happening, it’s called YouTube Gold, agents aren’t happy about it, clients aren’t interested in it”

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