Now You Can Buy William And Kate Wedding Dolls

Britian Royal Dolls

[credit provider=”AP Photo/Alastair Grant”]

FOR ANYBODY WHO hasn’t yet had enough of the royal wedding, here comes some more: you can now buy officially-sanctioned dolls of William and Kate on their big day.The plastic replicas went on sale at Hamley’s toy store in London yesterday, for the (dare we say) princely sum of £100stg for the pair. For those who favour only one half of the royal couple, “Princess Catherine” can also be bought separately for £50 – although William does not get the same treatment.

According to the BBC, “renowned designers” contributed to replicating the outfit worn by the doll of Kate Middleton, now known as the Duchess of Cambridge. Every detail of it has reportedly been reproduced by makers Arklu, including Kate’s “something blue” underwear – which is replicated in a “a sweet and lovely child-like version.”

The dolls yesterday appeared to win a positive response from discerning customers. Annie Hardwick, 12, told AFP: “It looks a lot like her and what she looked like on her wedding day. I think it looks really pretty.” Her younger sister Bella added: “I’d probably put it up on display so I can remember when she got married.”

You can see the dolls for yourself in our slideshow. We can’t help thinking that poor Kate got a bit of a raw deal…

This post originally appeared at The Daily Edge.