BOOKMAKERS: There's more chance of Cameron resigning than a Brexit

The likelihood of David Cameron stepping down as prime minister this year is significantly greater than that of a Brexit taking place, according to British bookmakers William Hill.

The betting company has cut its odds on the prime minister resigning before the year is over to just 2/1.

This is compared to odds of 4/1 that William Hill is currently offering on Britain voting to leave the EU on June 23.

This movement in betting odds comes as Tory MPs are starting to make public threats against Cameron’s leadership over the deeply divisive issue of Britan’s EU membership.

MP Nadine Dorries said during ITV’s “Peston on Sunday” show that she had submitted a letter calling for the Prime Minister to step down.

Renowned Eurosceptic Andrew Bridgen claimed during an interview with BBC Radio 5 that he knows of at least 50 fellow Conservative MPs who are already preparing to go for a vote of no-confidence in David Cameron if the result on the 23 June is not decisive.

Dorries and Bridgen belong to a group of Conservative MPs who are angered by claims that the prime minister has made while campaigning for Britain to stay in the 28-nation bloc.

“There are many issues about which David Cameron has told outright lies and the trust because of that has gone in both him and George Osborne,” Dorries told Peston.

William Hill’s latest odds will make yet more worrying reading for Leave campaigners as it’s not just bookmakers but polling analysts too, who are now saying that the chances of a Brexit taking place are slim.

As seen below, analyst Matt Singh’s most recent forecast said that the probability of Britain voting to leave the EU was lower than 20%.

The task that David Cameron faces in campaigning for Britain to stay in the EU while preventing his party from descending into all-out civil war is one of the greatest challenges of his political career.

It is starting to look like that the outcome of the June 23 referendum won’t just have profound consequences for Britain’s future but possibly the prime minister’s too.

“There has been a sustained gamble on David Cameron being out of office before the end of this year ever since he confirmed the date of the EU Referendum,” said William Hill’s spokesman Graham Sharpe in an email to Business Insider.

“Political punters seem to believe that even if the EU Referendum produces a ‘Remain’ verdict, the Tory Party will have become so destabilised that the clamour for a new leadership election will become irresistible.”

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