William Cohan: Greg Smith Is In The Witness Protection Program Right Now

Bloomberg columnist William Cohan knows something about Wall Street. He’s the author of ‘Money and Power: How Goldman Sachs Came to Rule the World’, so naturally he got to comment about Greg Smith’s Goldman Sachs resignation op-ed.

And Cohan didn’t mince words: “He’s toast. He is completely toast in terms of Wall Street, no question about that. He is in the witness protection program right now.”

Not that Cohan doesn’t agree with Smith. In fact, he said that “Goldman’s culture has gotten off the tracks. They espouse this idea of the client comes first but in fact, we know time and again, whether it’s the Abacus transaction or a number of other things that they did in the financial crisis beginning in 2006 when they put the big short on and they continued to sell mortgage-backed securities to their clients at par, that Goldman has been putting itself first.”

More from Cohan (via Bloomberg):

“He obviously knows how Goldman treated derivatives clients and he knows what he did with his own derivatives clients. Whether or not he understands the Goldman strategy overall, he’s not on the management committee or even a partner of the firm. I’d never heard of him before, not sure what that means. But the point is that he knows what he knows and is obviously frustrated.”

Watch the full video below:

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