Man Who Showed Off His Illegal Drug Haul On YouTube Was, Obviously, Arrested

William Bradley YouTube DrugsYouTubeWilliam Bradley, in his garden

A helpful reminder: showcasing your extensive drug collection in a YouTube video probably isn’t going to help you avoid the law.

Just ask William Bradley, who was arrested Monday after police discovered a video channel filled with videos of the drugs he was allegedly collecting.

BetaBeat reports the Connecticut man called his grow house the “Hope Garden” and “shot video tours of this magical kingdom that not only contained marijuana, but hashish, oxycodone and cocaine.”

NBC4 showed the video below, where Bradley claims he has an abundance of weed and wants to get it out to the people who need it most (for medicinal purposes). Bradley describes himself as a cancer patient as well.

The kicker? Police say were able to identify him because he would routinely appear in his own videos asking for donations.

And then he gave out his home address.

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