‘TWD: World Beyond’ showrunner teases the show will ‘tie-in’ with ‘Fear TWD’ by its finale

Nico Tortorella stars on ‘TWD: World Beyond’ which is now in its final season. Steve Swisher/AMC
  • “TWD: World Beyond” is currently airing its second, and final, season on AMC.
  • Showrunner Matt Negrete told Insider there’ll be a small “tie-in” related to “Fear TWD” by the end.
  • “We’ll honor some of those connections with ‘Walking Dead’ and ‘Fear,'” Negrete said.

Will “The Walking Dead: World Beyond” tie-in with the other two “TWD” shows at all by its series finale?

When we asked “TWDWB” showrunner Matt Negrete, he confirmed that since the Civic Republic Military (CRM) has appeared on all three shows, we can expect to see a little something by the show’s end that connects to “Fear the Walking Dead.”

“There is something with ‘Fear’ that could be a little bit of a tie-in towards the end,” Negrete said. “I won’t give too much away. It’s something that isn’t a huge thing, but it really is something else that we put into the end to make sure that it really felt like we’re honoring the connectivity between all the shows.”

Negrete added, “The CRM, it’s a larger organization, but they’re not so large that different soldiers may or may not even know each other.”

What does that mean?

“There’s definitely some connections there,” Negrete said. “I won’t say too much more about it other than we’ll honor some of those connections with ‘Walking Dead’ and ‘Fear.'”

Maybe we’ll see Isabelle from ‘Fear TWD’ mingle with some of the CRM on ‘World Beyond’, including Jadis

Fear twd 505 isabelle
CRM soldier Isabelle appeared on seasons five and six of ‘Fear the Walking Dead.’ Ryan Green/AMC

“Fear TWD,” which kicks off its season seven premiere on Sunday, introduced Isabelle, a member of the CRM. At the end of last season, Isabelle saved a bunch of “Fear” characters and flew off in a CRM chopper to parts unknown.

Those survivors could wind up at the CRM, but that sounds like too big of a reveal for the “bit of a tie-in” that Negrete teased.

It sounds like we could see Isabelle have a conversation with another known CRM soldier like Huck or its leader Elizabeth. Or maybe Isabelle has a run-in with a former “TWD” character who’s making her way back into “The Walking Dead” universe this year.

Announced in September, this season of “TWDWB” reintroduces Jadis/Anne (Pollyanna McIntosh) from “The Walking Dead.”

The last time we saw the character, she flew off from “TWD” in a helicopter with Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) in 2018.

TWD 905 Jadis Pollyanna McIntosh
The last time we saw Jadis/Anne on ‘TWD’ was Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

That compassionate version of Jadis may be long gone.

In a teaser for the second season of “TWDWB,” it looks like Jadis is now a fully loyal member of the CRM.

Negrete told Insider he was happy to bring Jadis back into “TWD” universe on “World Beyond” after writing McIntosh’s last episode on the flagship series.

“I always feel bad too because that episode of ‘Walking Dead’, when she left, that was Rick’s last episode, obviously, [and] it was Maggie’s last episode for a long time,” Negrete said of season nine, episode five. “I kind of felt like Pollyanna never quite got her due.”

“It’s so great to bring her back because, you know, there’s so much more story to tell with her,” Negrete added.

TWD world beyond jadis season 2
Jadis’ return is teased in ‘TWDWB’ season two teaser. AMC

Will Isabelle make contact with Jade, or does she know her? Maybe she knows Jennifer? If they interact, what will that mean for those over on “Fear TWD” who are currently with Isabelle?

We’ll have to keep watching to find out. But it sounds like we could get a minor meeting between some of the characters across the three shows.

When Insider mentioned to Negrete that it’s tough to believe how these three shows aren’t doing crossovers, something The CW has excelled at with its superhero series, Negrete mentioned Jadis’ junkyard from “TWD.”

“Her junkyard was not far from Alexandria,” Negrete said. “So there definitely are a lot of areas that are just ripe for those connection points.”

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