Will The Need For Tech Talent Become Obsolete?

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The way things are trending, you may not need to be a technical person to build an amazing website.Take for example, Scroll Kit. Co-founder Cody Brown stumbled into our office last week and showed us a website creation tool that operates like Adobe InDesign.

With Scroll Kit, text boxes can be dragged and dropped anywhere on a page. Background colours can be changed with a paint bucket-like tool. Square images can be uploaded and placed anywhere. Essentially, a live website becomes a canvas and you become the tech novice artist.

Scroll Kit is still in a very early stage and only the most basic HTML5 websites can be made on it. But the startup wants to expand to web tools of every kind, like drag and drop shopping carts.

Scroll Kit isn’t the first of its kind. Wix just released an HTML5 website creation tool that operates similarly. CEO Avishai Abrahami tells TechCrunch, “We have a special tool you can use to either change, modify or build new elements on your site. You have to know how to move the mouse and click. You need zero knowledge of HTML coding or any other technical understanding. It’s like PowerPoint, or other drag-and-drop software.”

We just met with a venture capitalist who says a similar startup crossed his desk today. In the very distant future, if applications like Wix and Scroll Kit become all-encompassing, he wonders if developers could become things of the past. Then the web would become a place where the best product people and visionaries win instead of the best coders.

The VC is seeing a broader trend too: entrepreneurs are making everything easier to manufacture, not just websites.

Little Bits, for example, makes circuits as easy to create as snapping together lego-like blocks. OnSwipe is helping publishers side-step mobile developers and apps altogether. 3D printers will make it easy to turn drawings into physical objects. And there are startups working with CAD software that are making it easy to cut materials into perfect shapes.

Here’s an example of what you can make with a tool like Scroll Kit. This looks like Cody’s Facebook profile, but it’s a live site he made with his startup.

cody brown scroll kit

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