The Eyjafjallajökull Volcanic Ash Is Back With A Vengeance, Will It Ruin Cannes?

Ash Cloud

Just when you thought this story was long over, the ash from the Eyjafjallajökull volcano is iceland is back, and flights are being cancelled left and right across Europe.

Of course, this is exactly what Europe doesn’t need right now, particularly Portugal, caught in the middle of a debt storm and now caught in the middle of this as well.

Times Online UK:

Today Ryanair announced the cancellation of 178 European flights while easyJet warned of further disruption on routes to and from Switzerland, Southern and Central France, Northern Italy and Northern Portugal.

At London Stansted Airport, 25 Ryanair flights were cancelled yesterday to destinations including Spain, Portugal and the Canary Islands.

The airline announced this morning that it would be cancelling a further eight flights from the airport, with three more from Edinburgh, two from Liverpool, and another from Bristol. Several flights from Italy were also cancelled. The airline said that it expected to announce further cancellations later today.

Meanwhile, the organisers of the Cannes film festival are freaking out, as ABC News observes. Their annual shindig starts this Wednesday. Perhaps attendees will be forced to arrive by yacht.

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