Report: Tebow Will Be Traded If The Broncos Sign Manning

Peyton Manning and Tim Tebow

[credit provider=”Getty Images/Doug Pensinger”]

This was probably inevitable, but Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk is reporting that Tim Tebow will likely be traded should the Denver Broncos sign Peyton Manning.According to a source “with knowledge of the dynamics in Denver,” Tebow would “most likely be gone,” and that the Broncos would prefer to trade him, rather than release their incumbent starting quarterback.

While Tebow is obviously loved in Denver, it wouldn’t make much sense for the Broncos to keep both quarterbacks as they require vastly different offenses.

As for where Tebow would end up, the Jacksonville Jaguars are the obvious choice, and Florio reports that they Jags are indeed “in the mix” to acquire the local favourite who went to high school in nearby Ponte Vedra Beach and won a Heisman with the Florida Gators.