Will Someone Kill Bernie Madoff?

As Laurence Leamer points out, not all of Bernie Madoff’s victims were part of the “acquisitive community overly concerned with wealth and status” that populate the country clubs and ski slopes where Madoff’s scheme was marketed by word of mouth.  A great many of the victims are rumoured to have connection with organised crime of one sort or another. And those people won’t be very pleased with the news that the moan who was handling their money was a bigger criminal and more organised than they were.

On Madoff’s likely killers:

Whatever cell he sits in, whatever corridor he walks though, and from whatever direction and whatever means, Bernard Madoff must live the rest of his life knowing that at any moment he may die.

If someone kills Bernard Madoff, it may be some job figuring out who it was. One suspect would be the Russian oligarch who six months ago tried to get his money out and when Bernie said no made threatening sounds. Or it may be the Columbia drug lords who invested a purported $300 million with the Ponzi schemer. They are not happy either.

As we pointed out yesterday, it’s a testament to the strength of our civilisation that Madoff is still alive. We wouldn’t be surprised, however, if there are people preparing to test that strength at this very moment.

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