Will Smith teaches F1 champion Lewis Hamilton the trick to checkered flag waving in a hysterical new video

Lewis Hamilton. Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images
  • Lewis Hamilton has been taught how to wave a checkered flag by Will Smith.
  • Smith claimed he developed a specific technique where you flick the “hand first and the knee follows.”
  • Hamilton and Smith have been inseparable behind-the-scenes at recent Formula 1 events.
  • Hollywood funnyman Smith even kidnapped Hamilton and tied him to a chair in a viral Twitter prank last year, because he wanted to race the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix himself.
  • Of course, Hamilton raced the grand prix – and won – but who was there to wave the checkered flag? Smith, of course.
  • Perhaps Smith developed his technique there and then.

Will Smith has been teaching Lewis Hamilton the trick to waving the checkered flag, and it appears the five-time Formula 1 champion is a fast learner.

The 2019 F1 world championship begins at the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit in Melbourne, Australia, on March 17 and to prepare for the gruelling season ahead, Hamilton has already been recorded on video learning a new skill.

However, this is not a trick for his Mercedes race car but rather one he has seen first-hand as a regular race winner – and that is how to wave the checkered flag in the most efficient manner.

And who better to teach him this skill than his Hollywood buddy Will Smith? The man who famously tied the British athlete to a chair in a viral Twitter prank last year, just because he wanted to race the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix himself.

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Hamilton thanked the “Men In Black,” “I Am Legend,” and “Aladdin” actor in a tweet, alongside a video where Smith can be heard saying: “You think that you can just get anybody to wave the flag… you can’t.”

Smith claims to have developed a “skillset” and that skillset is this: “Hand first, and the knee follows.”

Watch the “skillset” right here:

This is not the first time Smith has waved a checkered flag for Hamilton.

After all, the former “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” star enjoyed a VIP experience during the Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix at the Yas Marina circuit in November, 2018, and part of that experience included waving the race winner over the finish line.

It just happened that his friend Hamilton was the one to win the race.

Will Smith and Lewis Hamilton, flags
Will Smith flags Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton and his F1 constructor Mercedes will be preparing for the upcoming championship.

Though Mercedes is yet to announce its 2019 car launch date, the new car is expected to be unveiled in the middle of February.

Pre-season testing will then take place in two stages. The first test is scheduled for February 18 to 21 and the second test will take place between February 26 and March 1. Both tests take place at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in Spain.