Will Smith Needs Help From His Son In The First Trailer For ‘After Earth’

jaden smith after earth

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Jaden Smith, action hero? It looks like that’s exactly what M. Night Shyamalan hopes to accomplish after viewing the first trailer for “After Earth.” 

It’s been more than two years since Shyamalan attempted to bring “The Last Airbender” to life and a decade since “Signs.”

While the futuristic film reunites the father and son duo for the first time since “The Pursuit of Happyness,” we expect this film to put little Smith front and centre. 

Heavy narration provided by Will Smith in the trailer will most likely resound throughout since the film’s synopsis pits the actor as heavily injured while his son sets out in search of help.

“After Earth” looks like a coming of age story for both Jaden Smith’s character in the film and real life as he tries his father’s action star shoes on for size.

Check out the first trailer and some screenshots of the film below:

After watching the trailer, the film looks a lot like “Lost” …

after earth

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… meets the land of “Avatar.”

after earth avatar

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After Earth

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