Ratigan Hire Is MSNBC's "#@&!# You" To CNBC

Dylan Ratigan’s much-covered departure from CNBC, subsequent game of footsie with ABC and, mercifully, his deal to join MSNBC has the potential to start some fun infighting at NBCU.

The NY Post’s Page Six said this morning a “furor” was erupting inside the media giant:

“It’s like MSNBC saying to CNBC, ‘[Bleep] you, we can do what we want,’ ” an insider said. A spy said NBC president Jeff Zucker “got personally involved to keep Dylan from going to ABC,” after Ratigan was heard crowing he was headed to ABC News this fall.

Jon Friedman of MarketWatch asked yesterday whether Ratigan’s move to MSNBC would be bad for its financial news cousin.

“It’s great news for Ratigan and MSNBC, but what does it mean for CNBC? After all, the Ratigan hiring also allows MSNBC to compete directly with …CNBC.”

Ratigan dismissed it by saying his show was going to be about politics and policy and not managing money.

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