POLL: Will Raj Run?


Raj Rajaratnam is a billionaire, and he was just found guilty of 14 counts of insider trading.

Right now, he’s looking at three different circumstances in his future.

If he sticks around, he’s facing 15-20 years in jail. Everyone is saying that’s the most likely outcome.

Another is that he could go free. He and his lawyer are appealing the case, using the angle that the judge admitted that the wiretaps — on which Raj’s entire case rested — were only obtained because the prosecutors made a “glaring omission” in their petition to obtain them.

Or, he could run.

Many people say, “If I were him, I would.”

Of course, escaping the country would be difficult. The government has Raj’s passport (he gave it up when he got out on $100 bail in October 2009), and he has an electronic monitoring bracelet on. Another issue is where would he go?

Some countries, like the UK, are obligated to send a fugitive back to the U.S. if they attempt to hide out there (like Roman Polanski). We’ve contacted the Sri Lankan embassy to see what would happen if Raj returned to his native country. No matter what, Raj is a billionaire, so he could probably figure it out.

Another thing to consider before you vote is that he has 3 kids and a wife.

So will Raj run? Vote below.