Will Plaxico Shooting Hurt Business At The Latin Quarter?

In the wake of last weekend’s hilariously stupid self-inflicted gunshot by Giants player Plaxico Burress, people are wondering if the scene of the crime, The Latin Quarter nightclub, will lose business because of its association with the incident.

And really, who can blame them? After all, who wants to go to a club where people could have revolvers tucked into the waistbands of their sweatpants? In fact, who wants to go to a club that lets people in wearing sweatpants?

There’s also a precedent for such concern. Club New York, site of the scandal-riffic New Year’s Eve shooting involving Diddy and then girlfriend J.Lo suffered a loss of business and ultimately shut down after that event in 1999.

NY Times: Can any shooting hurt club attendance? Yes, some patrons said, citing the example of Club New York, which lost business and eventually closed in the wake of the 1999 shooting there that involved Sean Combs, the hip-hop artist, and Jennifer Lopez, the actress.

There was also last summer’s killing of a patron at Spotlight Live, a Times Square karaoke bar, during a birthday party for Lil’ Kim, the rapper.

Paris Braddox, 25, who waited in a 100-person-long line in drizzling rain on Thursday at the Latin Quarter to see Bobby Valentino, an R & B crooner, said many of his friends shun Spotlight as a result.

But because Burress’s shooting was self-inflicted, Mr. Braddox said, it wouldn’t force him to seek out other boĆ®tes…

The Latin Quarter’s staff, too, seemed to write off the flap, which could land Burress in jail for carrying an unlicensed gun, and cost him millions in lost pay and fines. “The vibe is good energy here,” said a bartender named Vic as he mixed a cocktail. He was working that Saturday morning, when the shooting took place, but said he heard nothing unusual in the clamorous space.

But The Latin Quarter has also had prior violent incidents and they’re still around.

In January 2005, police reports show, a fight that broke out inside the club ended in a shooting across the street. In April of that year, a woman was punched inside until her nose bled, reports show. And in June, another dustup took place, police said.

Ultimately, the Latin Quarter wasn’t charged. But the violence was enough for the local community board, Manhattan Community Board 6, to recommend to the state’s Liquor Authority that the club’s licence not be renewed.

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