Wait A Second, Is Microsoft About To Make A Huge Mistake With Windows Phone Software?

nokia lumia 900 home screen

Photo: Steve Kovach, Business Insider

There are two big conflicting reports out there about whether or not the current line of Windows Phones will get an upgrade to the next major version of the operating system.The first report comes from a well-respected Windows developer who told the Portuguese site Zwame that all current Windows Phones running version 7.5 (also called “Mango”) will get the upgrade to Windows Phone 8 (also called “Apollo”). 

Then, The Verge came out with a report citing an anonymous source that says current Mango phones, including Nokia’s flagship Lumia 900, will miss out on Windows Phone 8.

We’ve reached out to both Microsoft and Nokia for an explanation. Hopefully they can clear things up. So far, we’ve only seen Microsoft issue an official statement that Windows Phone 7 apps will be compatible with Windows Phone 8. The company hasn’t said anything about upgrades for current Windows Phone hardware.

If the Lumia 900 does in fact miss out on the upgrade, it’d be a huge embarrassment for both Nokia and Microsoft. The Lumia 900 is supposed to be the flagship Windows Phone device, and it’d be a shame to alienate all the customers who picked one up this month by making it an outdated phone within just a few months.

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