A new website calculates the probability that a robot will take over your job

As automation threatens the existence of millions of jobs across the US, some career paths are more robot-proof than others.

The website, “Will Robots Take My Job?” allows you to plug in your job, and the site then spits out how likely it is that your profession will be replaced by robots.

For example, as a reporter, I have an 11% chance of being replaced by a robot. In other words, 11% of reporter jobs will be automated in the coming years.

Cashiers face a bleaker future, with a 97% chance of being replaced. Roughly 6 million to 7.5 million retail jobs “likely will be automated out of existence in the coming years,” according to a recent report from investment advisory firm Cornerstone Capital Group.

The website, developed by Mubashar Iqbal and designed by Dimitar Raykov, draws data from a frequently cited 2013 report from Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael Osborne, Geek.com reported.

Click here to find out the likelihood of your boss replacing you with a robot.

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