Will Michigan Finally Correct The Mistake It Made Three Years Ago and Hire Les Miles?

les miles lsu

Photo: AP

Three years ago, Lloyd Carr was pushed out of Ann Arbor and Wolverine fans clamored for Bo Schembechler disciple Les Miles to return home and coach the Michigan football team.So instead the school hired Rich Rodriguez.

Ironically, the reason they had to pass over an avowed “Michigan Man” for a Big East coach with no ties to the school and incompatible option offence was because Miles was the better option.

At the time of the move in December 2007, Miles was about to take his LSU team to a national championship game. He couldn’t leave the school right before his biggest triumph.

Meanwhile, Rodriguez was blowing his national championship chances, when West Virginia (No. 2 in the BCS at the time) lost a rivalry game on the final week of the season. The loss to an unranked team knocked them out of the title game and made Rodriguez more available for Michigan to poach.

Now in 2011, the Wolverines have fired Rodriguez, wasted millions in buyout fees (first to West Virginia and now to the coach), and just suffered through the worst three-year stretch in the history of the program. It’s safe to say they made the wrong choice.

Since that championship, however, Miles has been on shaky ground. The team had a good year, but the coach has infuriated fans with bizarre game management and more bizarre grass-eating habits. But to get him would mean another buyout, one that may be too steep even for the deep pockets of Michigan’s alumni.

Still, settling for second-best is what got Michigan in this mess in the first place. Miles is the perfect fit (since Jim Harbaugh probably won’t be swayed from the NFL) at the perfect time and money cannot be an object for a program that demands success at the level Wolverine fans expect.

On the other, as a Spartan fan, we think that defensive coordinator Greg Robinson is a fine choice too.

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