Meet The Goldman VP Who Is Tom Brady And Gisele’s “Mysterious” Business Manager

will mcdonough

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This man is the reason that earlier today, the hearts of many a Goldman Sachs trader was aflutter: Will McDonough.Apart from his role as a VP of Investment Management in the bank’s Private Wealth unit, he also happens to represent Tom Brady.

And, perhaps of more interest to Wall Street traders, he also represents Brady’s supermodel wife, Gisele Bundchen.

According to his LinkedIn profile, in his current role, McDonough is part of the Private Wealth unit that covers current and former partners of the bank, plus referrals from the alum.

He joined Goldman in June last year.

On what he does for Brady, “his duties are shrouded in secrecy… [But] McDonough is a de facto manager,” Boston Magazine reported. “He brokers deals and acts as a gatekeeper. Brady seems to trust him implicitly.”

Luke O’Brien, who profiled McDonough for the magazine, described him like so: “A baby-fac[e] from Westwood, soft around the edges, with a wisp of a Boston accent and an affinity for fine clothes and fancy cocktails. A fellow who in certain circles might be considered a dandy.”

Prior to joining the Blankfein brigade, McDonough was a VP at Avenue Strategic Partners, the fund of funds business of Avenue Capital, the $20 billion hedge fund run by Marc Lasry.

He was at Avenue for almost two-and-a-half years, and was responsible for having “raised assets at Distressed Debt fund of funds from launch, to ~$250m.”

Prior to Avenue, he worked for Kraft, and also launched his own real estate firm.

Of course, the reason Brady and Gisele are his clients is because of his eponymous management firm, McDonough Management Group, which he founded in 1997. When you visit his site, a huge banner reads: “ is the portal through which powerful brands have been marrying powerful brands for years now.”

McDonough earned a degree from Boston College and first “pinged on the public radar” after Brady hosted SNL, and McD was labelled in a Boston Herald column as “Tom’s bud.”

According to Boston Magazine,

McDonough has had a major hand in the quarterback’s metamorphosis—and along the way has become an important man in his own right.

One weekend, the Boston college grad might be hobnobbing with hedge fund managers. The next, he could be jetting to a celebrity-studded party. Always, he remains deeply connected to Brady as both a business associate and a best friend.

Their relationship raises eyebrows, not least because of its clandestine nature. On the Patriots’ payroll until this past February, McDonough has now left the team to handle Brady’s affairs on his own. He has no official title. His business card simply lists his name, phone, and e-mail. It’s all so East Berlin.

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