Will Major League Baseball Have A New CBA Before The NBA?

Bud SeligGo ahead and yell. I’m right.

Photo: wsoesports.files.wordpress.com

The NFL and the NBA are both currently mired in lockouts and the NHL may be headed to one next Summer. Meanwhile Major League Baseball’s current Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) is set to expire in December. But unlike the other sports there is hope that baseball’s situation will never get ugly.Michael Weiner, the head of the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) met with the media yesterday and said he hopes a new agreement will be in place by the end of the World Series. “There’s a lot of benefit to everybody to get it done [before the signing season],” said Weiner.

The big difference in baseball’s labour world is the willingness of both sides to be proactive and for both sides to understand the concept of not screwing up a good thing.

Since the beginning of spring training the two sides have met weekly. As a result, the two sides have already eliminated most of the secondary issues (e.g. realignment) that tend to make for juicer headlines and keep everyone from addressing the important issue, money.

The big issue is wealth distribution. And before the the owners and players can agree on that, the owners may need to come up with a better way to distribute money among the teams.

Assuming the two sides won’t nitpick over every nickel, that last hurdle may pass relatively easily. And instead of wondering if the owners or players were the winners, it will actually be the fans that win for once.

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